Long overdue, I have finally changed my server's OS nto something better than Debian.

Long overdue, reasonable sysadmin practices.

And long overdue an update to this motherfucking site too.

I had been intending to stop using Debian as my VPS' OS for about a year now.
Back when I started to use Debian, I had to pay 20$ to Linode each month for access to a virtual machine that had half the specs I have with my current provider, and since I was a total n00b to anything related to servers back then, I just picked Debian because it was supposedly the easiest OS for beginners (read: it had the most tutorials dedicated towards for server use after Ubuntu on the internet, and Ubuntu sucks).

And while I liked using Debian at the beginning, I became increasingly frustrated with it as I started wanting to have more control over what packages I exactly installed in my server, as well as no longer wanting the glacial release schedule and lack of important security updates inherent to Debian.

As I said before, Ubuntu was out of the question, and since I'm not really a fan of corporate distributions I decided to pass over Rocky and Aura, but yet another reason that drove me into using a BSD was my increasing dissatisfaction with Linux following the addition of Rust to the kernel - at first this led me to embrace Devuan as my desktop operating system, but as I found it harder to deal with Python in Debian-based distros in comparsion to basically any other distro and OS I decided to just switch out to FreeBSD to see if it was good enough to use as a server (and to see if BSD in general was viable after finding out that setting up Postgres to run properly on OpenBSD was quite hard).

Thus I decided to just install FreEBSD 14.0 over my current VPS after backing up the most crucial things out (never forget to keep copies of your NGINX configuration files!) and believe it or not, it's going great!

Right now there only are 4 websites running in the server: HOPPINGTOPPING itself, Parappa Party alongside its archive and a "navigational" website linking to all the sites I run at, I want to hopefully not only prop up the websites currently mentioned in the portal page but not running, but also host the services I was previously hosting in my VPS such as Matrix and the Git repository again.

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