For a few months or so I had already been considering the idea of revamping my site yet again, with multiople reasons being behind it from my increasing lack of interest on Haikyuu and a feeling that the old site was a hot mess of spaghetti code which made writing on it a pain as I had to manually add new articles to each page individually (which, of course, resulted in the article list being very uneven from post to post).

At the same time, my old Manga Time Kirara obsession started bringing itself back, becoming strong enough again to overpower my PaRappa one, and I ended up finding myself again deep in the Kill Me Baby hole... a rabbit hole I hadn't gone on for a couple of years already.
My return to Kaduho works made me start digging into what new things was he up to, which led me to finding out about ホッピントッピン (Hopping Topping), an anthology compiling several of his doujinshi (self-published works, and before you start worrying, they're all safe for work), as well as his Noncaffe series, which only lasted six chapters and never really got a proper volume release.

To say a compilation containing all of the doujinshi and manga that one of my favorite mangaka of all time had made and I knew of back in 2018 (or almost all of, as TeKeTeKe and Koi no Boru were works of his I knew about at the time and it didn't get compiled; even if the latter is probably justified due to publisher issues) would have been my dream book would be an understatement, that little anthology would be my holy grail.

And while I unfortunately don't own Hopping Topping yet, I've fallen in love with the bits of it I've tasted thanks to the free samples many digital bookstores offer these days - I thought RRR was fake before hearing of this anthology, now it's arguably one of my Favorite Kaduho works.

RRR also particularly stands out because it's the work I decdied to base HOPPINGTOPPING on - I like the contrast between black and white very much, and I thought that since I was already trying to go increasingly minimalistic (although no less stylish) websites with each incarnation of my personal site, why not do an outright monochrome one this time?

...which pretty much ended up turning into this nifty little Kaduho-themed incarnation of my personal site. For the most part, I'm just hoping to be able to write and expand this site further - while it is quite barren of content right now, I want to soon bring back not only the content that was present in KOZUME, but to create all sorts of new stuff and talk about all sorts of new things as well.

- Wishing for a star, Yakisoba.

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