• NAME: ???
  • AGE: 16

I go by many names.

If you explored any of my other sites or know me from some other place you might have been able to guess which ones they are.

These are all me.

And I guess it's proof of how long I've been around these places - I've been exploring cyberspace since the age of four, and at last find myself here.
I guess this place is where I take my bedroom door off the hinges, after all.

I have many interests, and in a single day I can go from drawing a favorite anime character of mine, to watching a YouTube video on particle physics, to reading on how the Ancient Romans worshipped their gods, to working on this very website.

Since I have yet to start working on my shrines, here's the short list of stuff I like (not like everyone lists the stuff they like anyway):

  • MYTHOLOGY: Sumerian
  • NUMBER: 3
  • POKEMON: Spinda

Also, online quizzes. Because everyone loves filling them, including me:

What type of otaku are you?
Which Bootleg Sailor Moon Alarm Clock Are You?